Tribute to Singapore Kraft Notebook


Tribute to Singapore Kraft Notebook

TRIBUTE TO SINGAPORE comprises of several landmarks of Singapore as well as the tourism icon, Merlion, and the national orchid flower were selected carefully to present Singapore’s gift to the world.

Swissotel, Stamford is the tallest building in Singapore, previously known as The Westin. It is situated in the heart of Singapore and contributes to the unique and interesting skyline of Singapore. Supreme Court’s foundation stone was laid on 1st April 1937 by Sir Thomas Shenton, the Governor and Commander-in-Chief Straits Settlements. It represents the best in design and construction during that era and has been one of the most enduring architectural landmarks of Singapore.

Changi Airport Control Tower stands 78 metres tall, completed in 1981, symbolising Singapore’s prowess in the area of civil aviation. It is a prestigious airport with numerous accolades under its belt.

Vanda Miss Joaquim is the national flower of Singapore and is one of the many orchid species cultivated and grown in Singapore.

Merlion is the icon of Singapore’s tourism industry. The lion head originates in the tale of how Sumatran prince, Sang Lila Utama named the island, Singapura, Malay for “Lion City” after spotting a lion on his first visit here. The torso pays homage to Singapore’s humble beginning as a humble village.

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